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Providing safety and control

ECOSMaintenance and filling of fire extinguishing cylinders.

Removal / installation, diagnostics, service and restoration of locking and starting devices are carried out. An internal examination, verification of the mass and capacity of cylinders, hydraulic tests with recording of the results. Pneumatic tests of the assembled module (cylinder and shut-off device) are carried out for tightness. Test results are recorded in a recording device and can be provided on paper. Then we perform work on charging and recharging gas extinguishing modules.

The station allows filling the following types of gas extinguishing agents into modules:
−     carbon dioxide (СО2),
−     chladone 227, HFC-227ea, С3F7H,
−    ФК-5-1-12, Novec 1230,
−    freon 23 (CF3H),
−    freon 125 (С2F5H),
−    nitrogen with pressure 200 bar,
−    nitrogen with pressure 300 bar,
−    argon with pressure 200 bar,
−    argon with pressure 300 bar.
The mobile station is mounted in two standard 40-foot containers and is located at the production base in Almaty. If necessary, in a short time it can be transported to any region of Kazakhstan.