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Providing safety and control

"Company ECOS" LLP provides full range of services to its Customers.


Servicing and equipment repair 


 The highly skilled experts of the Company having Certificates from manufacturers of the equipment render warranty services maintenance and repair of the equipment, delivery of consumable materials and spare parts.





Verification and calibration of measuring devices 

As a part of Company there is the accredited two calibration laboratorys (Almaty, Atyray); it's accreditation scope provides verification and calibration performance by the following types of measurements: pressure, chemical measurements (gas analytical Calibration Instruments), temperature measurements and electrical quantity measurements.




 Technical inspection 

 There are benches for technical inspection of steel and composite vessels working under pressure, used in breathing apparatus, fire extinguishers, for storage of compressed and liquefied gases, etc. in Company's branches in the cities Aktobe, Aksai, Atyrau, Aktau..





«Turnkey» projects Implementation

The Company's production and technical department performs installation supervision, installation, commissioning works of automatic fire extinguishing systems, fire and gas alarm systems, CMD&A, perimeter intrusion, video monitoring in the industrial zones, access control at the Customer's facilities. 






As a part of the Company there is a project team which executes projects of automatic firefighting systems, automatic fire and gas alarm. Also project team develops concepts of object protection, approves the accepted decisions in government agencies, and performs detailed design. At the request of project organizations Company gives consultations according to specialized sections of the project.





 Company staff having high qualification, experience and certificates from manufacturers conduct trainings for Customer experts on correct operation of devices and equipment, its servicing in amount of maintenance instructions






Qualified testing laboratory.

Qualified testing laboratory.   Provides services for testing of construction metal structures, fire stairs and fencings, fire-insulation materials, the quality of welded joints and weld zones.