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Providing safety and control


Orbis® intrinsically save conventional detectors

There are many places where an explosive mixture of air and gas or vapor is or may be present continuously, intermittently or as a result of an accident. These are defined as hazardous areas and are common in petroleum and chemical engineering plants and in factories processing and storing gases, solvents, plants and other volatile substances.

Orbis® IS Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) (E Ex ia IIC T5 (T4 at Ta≤60°C) is a product range of conventional detectors which has been developed from the standard range of Ordis optical and heat detectors.
Type of Orbis® IS detectors
-optical smoke detectors
-heat detectors
-multisensor smoke detectors
Feature packed:
TimeSaver Base® is a proven design that provides installers with an open working area and single quadrant wiring terminals.
StartUp™– uses a flashing red LED to confirm that the devices are wired in the correct polarity.
Continuity link enables voltage testing of zone wiring prior to commissioning.
Wide angle optics respond well to a wide range of fire.
DustDefy™ system prevents dust ingress while maintaining airflow.
Transient Rejection uses algoritms to filter out temporary abnormal readings, helping to reduce false alarm.
Drift compensation maintains calibrated sensitivity levels even if the detectors is contaminated.
DirtAlert® uses a flashing yellow LED to show that the drift compensation limit has been reached.
SensAlert® is a flashing yellow LED switched on in the unlikely event of incorrect detector operation.
FasTest® maintenance procedure takes just four seconds to test and confirm that smoke and heat detectors are functioning.
Operating and storage temperature -40°С + 70°С
Class Т5: -40°С + 45°С
Class Т4: -40°С + 60°С