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Providing safety and control


Drager Company announced the removal from production of some gas analytical equipment.

Stationary gas detection                  Portable gas analyzers                     Breathalyzers

Polytron TX


Alcotest 7410

Polytron EX


Alcotest 7410 Plus (RS)

Polytron IR EX

MultiWarn II

Alcotest 7410 Printer

Polytron IR EX IL

Pac Ex

Alcotest 7410 P

Polytron 2XP EX IR

Pac Ex2

Alcotest 7410 Plus Com

Polytron IR N2O


Alcotest 7410 MED

Polytron FX

Pac 3000

Alcotest 8510

Polytron FX IR

Pac 5000


Polytron 2


*including all modifications


In connection with the above-stated information our company is glad to offer the following new generation equipment:



Stationary gas detection systems

PEX 3000

Polytron 5700

Polytron 3000

Polytron 2XP EX

Polytron IR

Polytron 7000

Polytron 5200

PIR 7000

Polytron IR CO2

PIR 3000

PIR 7200

Polytron 5720

Polytron 5310

Polytron 5000

Polytron Pulsar



Polytron Pulsar 2

Portable gas analyzers

Pac 3500

X-am 1700-2000

X-am 3000

Pac 5500

X-am 5000

X-am 7000

Pac 7000

X-am 5600





Alcotest 3000

Alcotest 7510

Alcotest 7110 MK III Evidential

Alcotest 6510

Alcotest 8610

Alcotest 9510 Evidential

Alcotest 6810

Alcotest 7110 MK III standard IR

Drager Interlock XT

Alcotest 6810 med

Alcotest 7110 MK III standard IR+EC


Tests for content of narcotic substances

Drag test  5000